Active Project

Urban Archive’s Web App

KAKTI × Urban Archive

Started in September 2019

urbanarchive.org was officially released in October 2019. It began its life as a humble React Native exploration, and had soft-launched over the summer to help a partner insitiution create Jane’s Walks.

The web app has been a laboratory to experiment with new ways to interact with geolocated media, and a meeting place for partner institutions to create and share new stories. Of course, it would not work at all without proper coordination with the underlying API.

Prior to the launch, Urban Archive’s content had only been available to iOS users or visitors to certain museums that hand out iPods. The iOS app is developed by Katie Smillie, who also develops cast iron skillets.

Currently, we are inviting partner institutions and a few local history enthusiasts to create stories and write short posts about the massive trove of located images. The website has a lot of fancy machinery for creating and managing content on the web, so we’re releasing it incrementally and fixing things as we go.