Completed Project

System Design & Technical Strategy

KAKTI × Multimer

March 2016–December 2019

Though it has traversed the investment-hungry worlds of E14, Urban-X, and Matter, Multimer is a slow-growth company at heart.

The company is creating processes and tools for collecting, analyzing, and applying data from humans, and contextulaizing that data in space and time. (Imagine a map that shows evolving aspects of human experience.)

But more important, Multimer is focused on ethical data practices, and ensuring that its tools are used to inform and advocate for the right populations. For example, while real estate developers may be interested in some of the company’s offerings, its recent work has been with UN-Habitat and affiliated groups.

I have advised the team on database design and management, system architecture, API structure, and data management practices. I also helped the team set up ETL systems and a partner portal.