KAKTI is a tiny software company.
Work Area

Internal Products

Apps for internal teams.

Media Mapping CMS & API

Urban Archive, 2016–2022

Designed and built a database system and APIs for archival multimedia.

a nighttime cityscape with a kiosk displaying historic images
LinkNYC kiosk displaying a ‘Historic NYC’ photo in Times Square

Powered by Urban Archive:

signage for Urban Archive at MCNY iPods available for visitors to borrow from MCNY
MCNY provides iPods for visitors to use Urban Archive as an audio guide

In the News

Marketing Tools

Facebook, 2016–2018

Built tools for the global sales team, who used these tools to visualize large-scale ad performance, and present their findings to CMO types from the company’s top 15-ish customers in the world. The project’s success led it to be snatched up by a larger and more permanent team.

Continued building related tools aimed at small and medium businesses, with significantly more automation and number crunching, and fewer fancy visuals.

Sales Applications

Guidewire, 2013–2016

Built and maintained a suite of internal tools for sales and services teams at Guidewire.

Roughly, they are:

  • A tool for creating, presenting, and sharing interactive sales presentations.
  • A tool for analyzing, tracking, and benchmarking key performance data for customers.
  • A tool for building and managing dizzyingly complex estimates of the time and effort involved in a long-term enterprise software contract.

Social Music API

Jukely, 2013

Extracted social music recommendation logic into a dedicated API. Built integrations for pulling data from a variety of services: Facebook, Last.fm, Hype Machine, Rdio, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Not to mention the additional integrations used to enrich and clean metadata: Parse, EchoNest, Songkick, BandsInTown, Ticketmaster, and Google Maps.

Built time-saving admin tools for finding concert listings on the web, and scraping images and event details.