KAKTI is a tiny software company.
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Data Visualization

Data for a public audience.

Taking Care of Brooklyn

Center for Brooklyn History, 2019

This museum installation at the Center for Brooklyn History features 9 interactive touch displays.

a touch screen with a spherical projection of a world map

The exhibit includes a massive 86-inch touch screen with an interactive historical timeline.

a person's silhouette against a large touch screen

a person's silhouette against a large touch screen

touch screen timeline touched

It opened in June 2019, and was scheduled to run for 3 years.

Since then, the Brooklyn Historical Society was absorbed into the Brooklyn Public Library and renamed, and a global pandemic turned museums on their heads.

In the News

Podcast Topic Visualizations

The Conversation, 2013

Data visualizations that chart a rich network of connections between concepts in podcast episodes of The Conversation.