KAKTI is a tiny software company.

About the Company

Chris Willard started a software consultancy in 2011 and called it KAKTI. It was conceived both as an escape from office life and an opportunity to explore how different types of organizations work remotely.


The company has remained more or less a single-person operation for the past decade, with the exception of various short-term collaborations.


KAKTI LLC was incorporated in NYC and had an office at Orbital in the Lower East Side from 2013-2019.

Both tragically and fortunately, Orbital closed its physical location just in time for a pandemic.

The Name

The name and capitalization of “KAKTI” is a tribute to a dear friend who died in 2011. It’s not an acronym and not really about a cactus, either. But here’s a cactus just in case you were expecting one.

a saguaro cactus illuminated by a full moon
photo by Leo Viche, 2010

There are various other things out there with the name “kakti,” most of which appear to have some relationship to a plural cactus. These include a manufacturer in China and a digital marketing firm. Accept no substitutes!

Say Hello!

Although KAKTI is not actively seeking new projects, it’s always exciting to hear what you are working on!

Please don’t hesitate to send an email to chris@kakti.net.